"The Friendliest Nets in All of Ham RAdio"

The 3916 Nets

The Tailgaters net ---

the world's only net without a net control!

Sunday-Friday from 8:30 PM to 10PM, The Tailgaters Net is heard on 3.916 MHz on the 75 meter band.  In keeping with the '3916 Tradition' started by W4FCW, The Tailgaters welcome new check-ins every night.  And because The Tailgaters does not have a traditional net control operator, EVERY STATION gets a chance to be the net control station.  Similar to a game of 'tag' on a playground, The Tailgaters is lively discussion that includes everyone!

A highlight of The Tailgaters Net is THE 3916 TRIVIA CHALLENGE which is on the air Monday-Sunday at 9 PM (Central).   Every night we test your brain and memory power with a combination of Mayberry, Rock & Roll and Television Trivia!  

A great way to enjoy The Tailgaters is to ride along and have our Facebook page open at the same time.  To find the 3916 Facebook page, click here.  

For more information on The Tailgaters Net, contact Pete Thomson, KE5GGY at ke5ggy@gmail.com.